Propaganda of the day

Every once in a while, a band or musician comes along that’s practically indescribable, but you desperately want their talent to be known. Gems is one of those bands.

A million words and images come to mind when you listen to this band.

    Hair-raising   - Placate - voluptuous - honest - natural - youthful 

Gems is the type of band that if you heard them in the background of a movie, you’ll be to focused on the song to even remember the plot. The Gems use of guitar is similar to that of The Drums and Best Coast, but much slower, fluid and inviting. A pace so welcoming that you can just lay in your room as you watch the fan spin in circles until you drift away.The music is cinematic in it’s own right. Each song giving you a new setting, new feeling, new everything.

The Gems is perfect for the summer, but I’m pretty sure we’ll be listening to them throughout each season.